About Frank

The primary mission of a Clinical Social Worker is to be an effective resource for idividuals and society

“It is a privilege to become part of solutions with individuals, couples and families. To be involved in any type of healing, from the ache to the smile and relief, is more than special.“

It takes courage to seek therapy. Then, there are those feeling too wounded or unready yet, and fear the thought of therapy for weeks or months about facing their problems, but the GOOD NEWS is: I am trained in the most advanced Rapid Recovery and evidence - based treatment models and the latest technologies to achieve what some say is “miraculous success.”

I have been blessed to be under the guidance and mentorship that I feel has been and will always be an important factor of my work and development. Through my growing faith & the emotional support of others I have persevered while gaining valuable educational, occupational & life experience that helps me help others.

For the past 25 years I worked with individuals & families at various settings in administrative and clinical capacities: Orphanages, group homes, psychiatric hospitals, schools, substance abuse-rehabilitation centers, shelters & mental health clinics.

What I Have Learned In My Travels

I am currently in my 3rd year of full-time private practice. I recognize that when people call for help they need it ASAP! Not to be placed on a wait list. For this reason I have gathered (5) therapists that also take referrals. If for some reason we cannot accommodate someone’s request for service we will offer solution focused options.

It is important to have a large pool of resources when collaborating with services or advocating for people when such needs as medications referral arise. We respond rapidly with such needs to prevent excessive waiting.


Certification & Training: