Carriage House

The Carriage House was a part of Holyoke's early history as it was originally used to house horses and carriages for the initial owners and later in the late 1950's converted to a general store, an exciting feature of The Yankee Pedlar Inn & Restaurant. As a Holyoke kid in the early 1960's, I can recall visiting the store with my grandfather and cousins. Rich are the memories of a Norman Rockwell-like atmosphere with the smell of fresh roasted nuts and the vast selection of penny candy. The Carriage House has since had several renovations from hotel rooms and Bridal Suites to a Wedding Chapel and doctors offices.

I am currently the sole lessee of the Carriage House and I'm sub-leasing office space and providing administrative support to other therapists in private practice. The house is also used to host training and provider meetings for area physicians and counselors who provide out-patient addictions treatment in the community. A number of committed professionals give time to discuss the challenges and strategies in treating addictions, especially the growing problem of narcotic and opiate dependence.

Since I began my practice here I've tried to restore and maintain the history of the Carriage House as it reflects a simple and historic, country environment with a cozy feel of serenity. The setting is very quiet and private.

There are several other therapists working in private practice that are also available at the Carriage House, as it is set up with two therapist's offices, group room, large conference room, meditation / prayer area and private waiting area with reception. Whether you are seeking services for your child, yourself, couples, families, support groups for addictions and mental health, etc., qualified therapists and flexible scheduling is usually available.