Private Counseling & Addiction Services

My Mission Statement:

To Provide a Broad Skill Base for Prompt & Professional Evidence Based Clinical Counseling & Coaching

"If you are struggling with personal or social distress I would like to be part of your solution. Many of us now have difficulty dealing with life's complexities & need support & outside expertise to find a healthy means of coping & communicating effectively."

FrankFrank H. Wotton III

Whether you have somehow become a victim or were unknowingly drawn into the powerlessness of addiction, or any other negative force, there is a means of gaining the strenght to overcome & become a stronger person.

Frank's philosophy of HolisticIn today's world of self-help, words like: "Holistic, spiritual, recovery, etc.", have varied meanings. I see the most direct and appropriate definition of Holistic in relation to therapy as..."A balanced attention to and caring for one's Mind, Body & Spirit." Behavioral Health has come from over two decades of serving individuals and families and recognizing the three primary dimensions of a well balanced individual being...Mind, Body and Spirit.

It has become clear in counseling and coaching individuals and families in a variety of contexts & clinical settings, that those who seek and strive to understand themselves in these three ways have the optimum potential to overcome adversity and succeed in goals.

"I work from a 'client centered' perspective, understanding that there are many paths that people can choose to take to overcome problems. The highest priority is what client's need and fostering a partnership with them to understand those needs and feel safe to pursue and move forward. I have a broad range of training & experience in mental heath, personal coaching, & addictions."